This site will help you make friends easier and faster, giving you the tools to ensure professional and personal success. This will help you get rid of most of your personal struggles, so that you can finally enjoy life as you are supposed to.

This site has compiled the best (in our experience) techniques to make and keep  friends without “cheating”, this is the most authentic and easy way to make them. We are sticking to the “just be yourself idea” but staying away from the cliche that comes with it.

Yes, you are to be yourself, but your improved self, and that will not only get you friends, but the right kind of friends. These friends will be suited to your needs because you will choose them from the array of people you will find. Meaning: you will have control over your life.



If you are anything like I was, and want to get out of that horrible situation, raise your “hand” haha, and let us notice your presence. To take the first step, enter your email below and gain free access to everything on the program. There’s the link to the core of this site, absolutely free of course. (oh… and there’s a little bonus e-book :P )



Personally, “I have no friends” was a phrase I said to myself every day, repeatedly. I was going through some hard times and I had no one to be by my side. I used the techniques and thinking expressed here and I can now say without hesitating that now, I have plenty of friends, and life has become definitely lighter... to the point where instead of lamenting my existence, I became a contributor to the best blog around ;)

Pretty straightforward: there is a menu on top where you can access the core of this site: The SMART way to make friends, a guide designed to make this process as clear and simple as possible.

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Just lighten your life with some of these time-proven ways to squeeze out all of this world’s juice. Lemonades, lemons :P


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These techniques are not sitting here waiting to be read and then left alone, they are here for you, so you can give them a use. Go out, meet new people and start making friends. It will be slightly discomforting and maybe disappointing at first, but we are guaranteeing results here. This works.



The I have no Friends guide has been confectioned with care and thoughtfulness, but this site is still developing ans we have many things to come such as a blog,  forums, tutorials, even a fiction section! But it is the contact with you that will make a difference. This site is about personal aids, it is of no use without personal contact, so send us an email if you’d like to contribute with ideas or even content!

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Smart Guide: I have no Friends

Smart Guide: I have no friends